My-Vida is a nonprofit organization supporting caregivers and the loved ones they care for who are living with chronic, life-altering conditions, identified from birth through adulthood, to thrive in their daily lives, by fostering resilience and root connectedness in the individual, family, and community.


My-Vida is rooted in the “Power of 7”—seven elements that are essential for any strong community — resilience, respect, knowledge, courage, love, strength, and perseverance. We invite families to our “Resalire Retreats,” set in a backdrop of small, active, sustainable farms that incorporate these elements though education for caregivers involving emotional, physical, informational, and advocacy skills, as well as self-care, in conjunction with opportunities for the loved ones they care for to build confidence and life skills, centered around the shared goal to foster a strong family community.  Staffed by Life Doulas™, the “Resalire Retreats” are not a break from reality, but rather are the foundation to actually thrive in whatever one’s reality is, instead of simply surviving. “Resalire at Home,” brings the personalized support of My-Vida into the individual home and private settings, as families will work with our Life Doulas™ to discover ways to truly live their best lives possible, while also being well-supported during challenging times. 




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