Without a doubt, these last couple of weeks have been tough on all of us, but I just can’t describe how amazing it is to see my four children together during this time. They each bring their unique personalities and immeasurable love to the healing space here in Giacomo’s PICU room. Gianna has always loved her brother so deeply. When he had his first surgery when he was 5 and she was 3, she just couldn’t bring herself to sleep in the bedroom they shared, as it wasn’t the same without him there. Every time she visits, she looks at him so intently, with a concern in her eyes I’ve never seen before. She tells him she loves him, and seeks out a safe place to hug and kiss him, and asks when he will wake up again. Lūck is his jovial, positive, resilient self, offering words of encouragement, as well as his final history project on World War II, which is now hanging on G’s door. Today, he also offered his medical expertise, assisting the nurse in listening for respiratory, heart, and bowel sounds. Isadora continues to bring her sunshine to the space, offering “moral support” and hand-holding during the tough times. She herself has had some struggles with our time apart from each other but doesn’t let that show when she is by her brother’s bedside, checking on his urinary output each day. She, along with the other three have given me the best hugs and snuggles during our limited time, which in turn, recharges me to continue to be in this tiger mama mode, comforting, advocating, and encouraging G. Oh, and speaking of Giacomo, he woke up more than he has this entire time tonight, albeit briefly, but long enough to give me his best smile possible as he was showing off his new jaw and aligned teeth, plus a fancy new airway. With his permission and encouragement, here is your first peek at this changed man! #surgerysurvivor #iculife #myvidaprospera💚 #siblinglove#milliondollarman